American Solstice by Carlos E. Mijares Poyer (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

Silver Birch Press

by Carlos E. Mijares Poyer

Red clouds hover
I sit still waiting and rising
For the possible arrival
Of the American Dream.

I am not…
Yet I too dream of heaven in pearl revelry
Where I express my most advanced
Supercilious doubts and vernacular truths.

The wind turmoils my city in the
Southern hemisphere like a maelstrom
Of dilapidated sociology
Stick men saunter in my nightmares
Awakened the angst of yesteryear
And the waiting eyes of a child.

The brawny miner of dreams
Awaited and subtle like teardrops
In the cool central western worlds
Of our own ways
Yes, I wait, believe the motion
How to remember.

IMAGE: “Red Clouds” by Gary Gay. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prof. Carlos E. Mijares Poyer, born in 1966, is a Venezuelan-American author, journalist, poet, educator, translator, and marketer trained in the United States of America…

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